what are you up to this weekend? i’m going to a family friends house to enjoy some of their company and eat their delicious chicken noodle soup and homemade bread (don’t worry, i won’t be showing up since i made these chocolate chips cookies for everyone). tomorrow addison and i are going to be hunkering down in our pajamas to watch the packer game. she’s had a terrible cold for the past couple days and we’re going to do our best to kick it on out of here. ps any suggestions on how to ease the pain for babies who are sick? it makes me so sad to see her so miserable! hope you have a beautiful weekend and here are a few links i’ve been loving from around the web…

why i quit being a stay-at-home mom

the stay at home mom challenge.

this is genius for next years new years eve.

resolutions for a new year.

i’d love to take a better shower.

my newest obsession.

i’m afraid to stop having babies.

this side by side comparison. love.

crib mocs.

my newest (to me) most favorite instagram account to oogle over.


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