Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend

I’m back y’all and I must apologize for the unexpected break.  I’ve missed this space for the last week but we received a little early surprise this past Sunday when our little one joined the world!  We are still trying to adjust to a newborn in the house (hence the reason the computer was in the back of my mind this week) but I had to share these links that I found (pre-baby arrival) because they were just the best for this Valentine’s Day weekend!  Hope you enjoy them!  I’ll be back later tonight to introduce you to the newest Campbell!

These Valentine cake pops are adorbs!

I am seriously in love with this lip print DIY art.

Such a great shaving kit for your guy with a little message on the bottom.

The art of I love you.

Someday I’m going to host a card making and cocktails party and it’s going to be as glam as this one.

Valentine’s Day card for cheese lovers.

Rachel Adams auditioning for The Notebook!

Whether your single or taken, every girl should own a lingerie piece that’s this pretty.

20 Date Ideas for At-Home Date Night.

The perfect t-shirt.

It’s pink and in a pretty bottle and yummy.

Love to love you.

Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Cupcake Toppers.

On a less lovey dovey note, I want every single thing from this collection.


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