happy thanksgiving all you beautiful people! this time last year, we were back in wisconsin to visit family (and yes they just had a big snowstorm the day we arrived) and i was 37 weeks pregnant! it’s crazy to look back and see how much difference one year makes. this year, we’re staying here in alabama and it’s only going to be the four of us so things are guaranteed to stay nice and cozy and wonderful.

i’m so grateful for everything god has given us and we are so blessed to have such great kiddos!

i hope you have a wonderful feast with your family and friends and stay happy and healthy!

i found this one while digging around for thanksgiving pictures and had to share it! my friend vicki took maternity/family pictures for us a couple days after thanksgiving and they turned out so so perfect. but seriously, how did i make it through that 14 hour drive while that pregnant?! ha 🙂 


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