Well and happy summer to you.

Should you ever come to my house and need any sort of makeup or skin care product, fear not!  I do have makeup and skin care products.  They are located in the upstairs linen closet.  But fair warning, when you open the door, they will come a tumblin’ out.  I attempted to clean this closet out last week and when I moved a container and five more things fell out, I quickly shoved everything back in and closed the door before anything else could hit me in the face.

So look, I have been trying to sit down and write something all last week and this is all I could come up with.  Work was insanely busy last week and life has just flipped upside down for our family in the last two weeks.  More on this to come my friends but stay tuned because big changes are going to be underway in the next few months.  2014 is turning into a much more intense year than I thought it would be.  

This afternoon I read something from Mindy Kaling and she said “I’m grateful for my fun life.”  And the thing is, yes.  I have a pretty fun life.  I have a fun puppy and a fun husband and a realllly fun kid.  Life is frustrating and emotional sometimes but really it’s a pretty darn good ride.  So you know, this is going to be my summer mantra.  For when things get hectic and life gets surprising but in the not so fun way and there’s a lot of waiting and I get upset because of it and I should but I do anyway.

“I have a pretty fun life.”

Also this.

We went camping for the first time this weekend.  And it was good.  Minus the 5,000 mosquitos.  Those were not so fun.


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