Happy Snowy Weekend

Is it snowing by you yet?  It seems like the weather is all sorts of freezing throughout the country.  Wisconsin is no different.  When I turned on my car this morning to let it warm up, it was a whopping 4 degrees on the dashboard!  Winter is officially here my friends!  Hope you all have a safe and warm weekend!  Hopefully you can hunker inside with Christmas movies and present wrapping!  Here’s a few links I found that I loved from around the web to put you in the spirit…

A phone case that I can’t believe I don’t have yet.

Yes Day.  Definitely trying this.

Would you join a virtual book club in 2014?

Marshmallow Cherry Kisses.

How great is this red door?

Cheese always makes everything better.

Kids drawings of their grandparents are recreated in real life.

24 people who are really nailing this parenting gig.

Does your dog really love you as much as you think?

A sweet sweet song.

You won’t believe what this airline did for their passengers.

I wouldn’t mind staying here for a weekend.  Or all winter.

A new list of naughtiest dog shaming.

I have been a long time admirer of this girl.  You’ll never guess what she just did.  Yeah Aunie!!!

Pretty party shoes.


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