Happy Happy Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend?  We are finally getting together for dinner with some friends who recently got engaged that we haven’t seen in forever so I’m really excited to see them.  I’m also working on a special project that I will be sharing next week.  Anyone who likes beer will appreciate this guaranteed.  My list of projects is growing quite big for the fall so I also plan on working on some of those.  Hope you have a great weekend and here’s some fun links from around the web…

“Normal” Barbie uses real women’s measurements.

Miniature pumpkin pies.

This married couple has the funniest debate over what to make for dinner.

I could jump on board with this easy DIY for fall.

This print is definitely on the list of things to add to the nursery.

Old fashioned apple dumplings.

An easy way to fight a cold this winter.

I remember making something like this in grade school.  Love the adult version quite a bit more though.

A Q&A session with two beautiful mamas.

A how to guide for makeup shopping.  I always get overwhelmed in those stores so this is MUCH needed for me.

This made me laugh because every one of these are Andrew.

Some women only want, like, a third of it all.

15 crazy ideas to make your life saner.

I still have never seen this movie and this weekend, I’m changing that.

Tips on how to help out a new mama.


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