Happy First Day of Spring Weekend!!!


Can you believe it’s the first day of spring today?!  I wish it would start feeling that way, although it is in the 40’s this week so I guess I should count my blessings!  What are you up to this weekend?  We are going to have a movie marathon and catch up on some of the movies that we didn’t see that won the Oscars!  Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, and Her are definitely on my list.  Any other recommendations for movies that you loved?  I hope you all have a wonderful springy weekend and here are a few links that I have loved from around the web…

Adult kiddie cocktail.

Adding this recipe to my spaghetti squash obsession.

Five ways to avoid damaging your hair.

But really, don’t we all feel like this some days.

The best way to improvise for the tooth fairy.

Pancake poppers.

I don’t even like salads but I could hop on board with a summery salad.

Do you date while you’re married?

Five simple ways to prepare for spring.

This web design and colors.  Oh my goodness they’re my heroine.

The new way I’ve been wearing my hair lately.

My newest favorite color inspiration on Pinterest.



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