Happy Best Darn Weekend You’ve Ever Had

What are you up to this weekend?  Andrew is getting a tattoo tomorrow night that I can’t wait to see!  I’ve never seen a tattoo done except for on TV (pretty sure that doesn’t count either) and it’s going to turn out amazing (after it’s finally completed…it could be a few months).  Saturday I’m getting a much needed manicure and Sunday I’m going to officially become a godmother to little Griffin and then I’m hitting the art museum with my dad.  It’s a tradition that we go there every time there is a new exhibit!  Hope you have a fun filled weekend and here are a few links I found from around the web that I loved…three of them are videos so that’s always fun too!

This ad puts all the emotional truth of motherhood into words.

P.S. I Made This gives us 10 great DIY Valentines crafts.  And I want to do every darn one of em.

59 slang phrases from the 1920’s we should start using again.

This commercial turns me into a pile of tears.

Gorgeous chain bracelet.

State of our 2014 blog union.

Most stubborn Alaskan Husky I’ve ever seen.

“This is 911.”  “Yes I need help with my math homework.”

Found the cutest online boutique and can’t wait to buy one of everything from here.

A pretty shade.


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