i’m not a huge one for new year resolutions but more for goals that will stick with me long after the year is over. i tried setting monthly goals last year and only made it through half the year before life got in the way and monthly goals went wayside because my main goal for the last half was to try to keep my head above water.

my focus on goal setting this year is much much stronger. i’m looking forward to this new year with inspiration and motivation and to make it my very best year yet.

there will be much more goal setting this year. much more drive and ambition and charisma.

in 2015, i’d love to:
 * finish the 28 before 29 project
 * decorate the house (paint the walls and ceilings, hang things on the walls, etc.)
 * take a family photo every month
 * attend an inspirational conference
 * shoot more in manual mode
 * create business cards for my blog
 * go on a weekly daughter date with addison
 * work on my next big venture

three blog goals and five personal goals. they will all involve a decent amount of work and effort but all will be incredibly well worth it. in the past i’ve had goals that i would write but almost as soon as i had them written on paper, they bored me. goals are supposed to be boring. they are supposed to be positive and keep you moving.

let’s go 2015!


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