Goals for January

As promised last week, I wanted to share my goals with you for the month.  I feel like monthly goals are so much more attainable than full year resolutions and I feel like I’m always setting goals for myself.  The difference between past goals and these ones are the ones I plan on setting this year on a monthly basis are actually achievable instead of writing a lofty goals and knowing I’ll never accomplish it.  I’m looking forward to this year being a year of dreaming up new intentions and you will likely see a lot more goal talk on this blog.  Hopefully it will inspire you to set your own! 

In January, I’d love to…

  • Drink 80 ounces of water every day
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Attend church every single week
  • Create more beautiful pictures

All personal goals but all goals that I know are important for my physical being, spiritual growth, and families safety.  They may seem a little dull and simple but I’m starting to set lower goals and not shoot for the moon right away! 

Drinking water probably seems so easy to everyone but I have always struggled in this department so I’ve really been focusing on this.  Don’t text and drive seems like a no brainer, since it’s the law and all but you can’t tell me you’ve never done it.  I feel like I do it too often (especially when I’m in a traffic jam) so this is especially important to me.  Attend church every single week is on my goals list only because the last few months of 2013, I didn’t make it church nearly as much as I should have and need to make every effort to be more present in the Lord’s house.  Create more beautiful pictures is one of my goals to achieve to have a successful Project Life book!

Goals should make you excited to dip into something new (not scared or nervous) and I’m excited for my very basic and achievable goals!

Let’s get this ball rolling!


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