Fast right after vacation.  Or just eat greens.  Because when on vacation, you will consume loads of crap food that taste so yummy at the time but when you get home and realize you’ve developed a 3 month pregnancy belly without the baby in there, you sort of will be kicking yourself really really hard.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been doing since we’ve got back from camping.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t eat the sushi from the work cafeteria.  Your head will be telling you to do it but don’t.

Always say yes to a meal at mom and dad’s house.  They will serve one of your favorite meals without you knowing until you get there.  And when your husband is on a work trip, you get to eat his portion too (about that well fed belly lately…).

God made sunscreen and hats for a reason.  I’ve seen way too many people (not me) this summer with bright red faces.  Fools.

You can’t call yourself a cook if you only have made one meal (like the above one for example) in the last seven months. Take it from me who hasn’t cooked in an embarrassingly long time. 

If you can make a puppy, baby, husband date out of a Thursday night with music in the park, never think twice about jumping on that bandwagon.

Waking sleeping babies is the worst especially when you don’t want them to sleep in their car seat for the third night of the last five.  But moving them is even more dangerous.  Unless you love screaming.  And a howling dog because he wants you to quiet down the baby.  Then by all means…

Baby shoes.  A waste of money.  Everyone told me that but did I listen?  Of course not.  This new mama bought them baby shoes.  And now most have never seen the outside of Addison’s closet.  Kid doesn’t even do socks unless I have them rolled over her pants.  She was meant to be a barefoot beauty.  And sandals.  Because blisters and dirty grounds aren’t a good time.


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