Ford Fiesta Movement

Happy hump day! I wanted to share a cool project with you all. It’s my favorite thing when brands team up with creative minds to showcase their talent and inspiration, and the Ford Fiesta Movement has done lots of that lately. Ford has picked 100 “agents” to get brand new Ford Fiestas to help with their missions (along with covering gas and insurance…#winning). I loved looking through the videos and really loved all the vloggers. I have a massive respect for vloggers though because I have never done a vlog and find them to be one hundred percent intimidating so props to all your vloggers out there! Vlog on!

Meet Brittani.  Brittani is an actress and artist who was picked to join the Ford Fiesta movement.  Ford sent her to interview candidates for American Idol in LA (what?!?!).  I can’t even imagine the experience that must have been!  Check it out…


As she hints at she also did, another American idol vlog here so make sure to catch her recap.

She’s only one of the cool vloggers who are involved too!  There is also a girl who was sent to NYC to shoot street style…can we say jealous?  These two girls also were heavily involved with NYC when they went there to help ELLE magazine with planning a party.  Definitely makes me wish I went into event planning now.  To go right along with the music theme, have you ever gone to Lollapalooza?  I would so love to go sometime and this guy was able to do so with Ford and document the whole thing.  What a dream!!

After watching come of these incredible videos, I would almost be willing to jump on the vlogging wagon.  Do you vlog?

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation however the opinions expressed are my own.


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