clustered floral cowlneck // near and far by heidi swanson // black and white striped top // marble candle holder // maxi dress with double layer // personalized initial necklace // ice cream sweatshirt // you and me picnic tote

this month is speeding past a little quicker than i thought it would but then again don’t i say that about every month the closer it gets to december? i’m definitely swooning over some pretty internet things these days but curbing my need to buy buy buy since we are in the thick of buying christmas gifts already. i’m telling you, i feel like i’m behind on shopping for christmas gifts already and there is still two months to go! it’s a little crazy how on top of gifting i want to be this year. moving on though…

these pretties really have me lusting for this baby to get here. all four of those tops are nursing friendly and that necklace is just perfect since both addison and andrew’s name starts with an “a”. plus i can add another necklace to it with whatever initial the new baby’s name will be!

things are brisk and beautiful and i’m saving my dimes for a little erin splurge after the holidays. you can betcha some of these items will be on that list too.


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