the way of a happy woman // speckled tweed napkin set // toasted coconut candle // good vibes napkins // zig zag trim pillow // max wanger solitude print // letterfolk board // target is my happy place shirt

is it really april? have i really only visited this space five times in the entire 2016 year? things have been a little crazy this year so far but i’ve re-prioritized, cut a little clutter and stress from my life, and adjusted my time to get back into blogging because i miss it so.

there’s no better way to start a new month off with a little showing of things i’m loving right now though amiright? first up the toasted coconut candle is like wow. i had that baby burning for four days and it smelt like straight up paradise in our house. give me all the mai tai’s and sand between my toes because it sure smelt like the caribbean. clearly the target shirt needs to be mine too seeing as two of the eight things on my list are from tarjay and this shirt references the good ole T. i’ve been itching to get some cloth napkins to save on garbage and these gray ones may be just the ticket but in the meantime i’m smiling over the good vibes napkins every time i use one. i’m a little all over the place with this list but just roll with me. i need to relearn blogland again.

the sun is out, the birds are singing, and the coffee is piping hot. happy monday friends.


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