i’m not really sure why but i am having the hardest time decorating addison’s room and making sure it is toddler appropriate. i had a difficult time in the last house too and when she moved to her toddler room, it never was completed (or let’s be honest, started) before we moved. i am determined to get it right with this house though and soon, especially since we aren’t going to be here a very long time!

we spend a lot of time in this room since the majority of the girls’ toys are in here so i want it to be a fun zone. i thought it would be best to pick out a rug that is kid friendly and has lots of fun happy pattern and colors in it first and go from there. these are the five rugs i loved best while scouring around the web. they were all so cute and are so perfect for kids rooms. there’s lots of pattern and color in them. because let’s be real, the more pattern and color there is, the easier it will be to hide the stains that are bound to hit the rug at some point.

the white and black one doesn’t have as much color to it but it sure looks so chic and would look great in an older kids room!

i can’t wait until it gets here. she was so excited about amelia’s rug when it came so i know she’ll be even more excited about having her own rug!

which one is your favorite? any guesses which one i chose for addison’s bedroom?

sources: rug one // rug two // rug three // rug four // rug five


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