i have wanted a good something to add to our dining room table for the holidays for a bit now but never found that perfect finishing touch. i saw someone make felt garland for their autumn centerpiece so with a little rearranging of colors, i decided to make christmas themed felt garland. of course i got a little carried away and made ours way too long for our dining room table so i continue to be on the hunt for the perfect table centerpiece but all is well in whoville because this turned out to be perfect to dress up our tv console for the holidays. i love how simple and traditional looking it turned out and can’t wait to use it for years to come!

i chose five colors and just freehanded all of my cutting into 3/4 inch strips. no measuring was allowed for me.

i used hemp string to tie each felt piece together and tied it tight enough that you couldn’t see what material was used to hold it all together. the hemp string worked well for my since it was a little bit thicker than regular string and therefore a little more durable. then i just knotted each piece of felt until my garland was complete. it was a bit time consuming but easily done with a few netflix shows in the background.

since i am using this as a table piece, i ran the felt all the way to the end and tied a knot on either end to hold the knots in place but you could easily leave some rope on the ends if you want to hang this.

simple enough but sure looks pretty!


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