taking a minute to breathe. lots happened this past weekend with our out of town guests here and addison’s birthday party and now that everyone left this morning, i’m just taking a minute to breathe.

feeling so grateful for all the sweet calls and texts we received yesterday on our baby girl’s birthday. she is so loved and we are so blessed.

loving everything old navy has to offer in their spring line.

reading women’s health magazine and jotting notes down like a crazy person. now that the birthday cake is gone, the veggies are coming back out again.

listening to podcasts. still. also this song is on repeat on my iTunes.

drinking lemon water every morning and i’m pretty sure it’s the reason my cold is gone from last week. it’s tasted so refreshing in the mornings.

excited for my core30 class tonight. i tried it the first time last week and it kicked my butt in such a good way that i’m so excited to go to it again tonight.

finding time to smile more.

heading to the zoo this week again! we didn’t finish the whole zoo yesterday because our birthday girl had had it for the day so we are going to finish ‘er up!

wanting to start packing for wisconsin right now! two and a half weeks early…too soon?


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