Continuing on with some of my very favorite blogs, today’s blogs are all of my favorite fashion blogs.  There are so many fashion blogs out there (sooooo many) that it gets overwhelming so I really only stick to these six.  These ladies have my favorite styles and pretty much all of them look like something I could try to copy for my every day wear.  I should say all except for one of them.  Numero uno I am just completely smitten with even though her style is so fancy for me.

Atlantic Pacific // Blair has the most stunning looks all the time and really how could she not?  She works for a high end fashion company, lives in California, travels a ton , and rarely shows her eyes.  I don’t what it is about her wearing sunglasses in almost every single outfit shoot but she always keeps it mysterious.  And seriously her closet is to die for.  Even though it’s really fancy and I could never pull off half the outfits she posts, I always look forward to seeing her latest and greatest.

 One Little Momma // Kilee’s style is so relaxed and pretty that I can’t help to oogle over it all the time.  I am constantly bookmarking her blog posts so I can copy her style.  It helps that she’s a momma to three little boys so she knows what’s up when it comes to wearing things that you’re able to move around in and still throw in the wash at the end of the day.  Plus, she even has a few tutorials on how to make some of the cutest clothes (think denim vests and distressed jeans).

In Honor of Design // I have been a longtime lover of Anna’s blog.  She keeps it classy sometimes and other times she likes to just dress down for errands around the town.  I’m always checking her blog out to find the best shops too because she always finds the most beautiful clothing and knows exactly how to pair it together.  Read: jealous of her style brains.

For Lauren and Lauren //  I’ve gotten to know Katie quite well over the years and I absolutely love her.  She always finds the best prices for clothing and makes them look absolutely incredible.  Plus she rarely spends more than $15 on an item so if I find something of hers that I love, I know that I won’t be breaking the bank if I want to steal her ideas!

Damsel in Dior // The price tag on Jacey’s clothes are astronomical but that doesn’t steer me away from constantly keeping an eye on her outfit posts.  She is constantly nailing it with the basic black outfits or white dresses and she is always inspiring me to dress in more basic colors but letting the design do the talking.  I simply love her style to a T.

Hello Fashion // If you’re looking for neon colors galore, Christine has you covered.  She is constantly sporting the bright pinks and various neon shades.  It really makes me in such a happier mood when I see her brights but paired with her dark hair and tan skin, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t constantly jealous of her.  I don’t think she even own anything that’s a dark color.  Check her out if you want to look like you live in California or Hawaii all the time!


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