farewell october!  i wouldn’t do you again if i was paid to.  hellllllooooooooo november.  i don’t think i’ve ever been so excited to welcome a new month.  i like november already and we’re only four days in.  it’s finally acceptable to start watching elf on repeat, drinking hot cocoa by the fire, and build blanket forts in the living room.  not that i have a living room to do that in yet but you know, soon i will.  and blanket forts will be made my friends you can count on that.  here are a few memories made from october…

1.  i’ve decided dressing a girl is the absolute best thing ever.  2. riding on daddy’s shoulders at the pumpkin patch.  3. the pumpkin addison picked out.  4. warm apple cider doughnuts…the best ever.  5. six am in our hotel room the day after we got to alabama and she is wide awake and playing.  6. the ceilings and the fireplace.  i’m in heaven.  7. the day the moving truck came and blocked our alley way for the whole day.  8. taking a bath at our first of about six temporary living locations.  9. moving day.  i cried.


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