entire outfit from old navy: sweater, skirt, hat, boots

disclaimer:  i was not compensated for this post in any way shape or form.  i am just in love with everything at old navy right now and must spread the word because you should all own their entire fall line.  or maybe i shouldn’t be posting about this because that means the stuff might sell out quicker?  either way here’s my sad attempt at a fashion post.

fashion blogger i am not.  it doesn’t help that it was 7:15 at night and i set up my tripod with my self timer in front of my garage to snap these bad boys but whatever.  maybe someday i’ll give this another try and convince andrew to snap my picture.

regardless this past saturday i wondered into old navy for one top and came out with a lot more than that.  their fall line in aaaaa-mazing right now guys.  they’re sweaters are warm and cozy and the whole place screams basics and cuddle up clothes but that can still be stylin’ too.  oh man.

this outfit right here.

i saw it on a poster in their store and literally kept going back to the picture to make sure i had every piece that the model was wearing.  advertising at it’s finest my friends.  those marketing people love me.

i’m waiting at least a week til i go back there.  next on my must have old navy list is this shirt, this top (i’ve got it in gray already and it feels like a short sleeved sweater), and this beanie.


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