This has been a long time coming since I mentioned putting together a fall capsule wardrobe what…three weeks ago? Maybe four? I finally have my act together and am getting it done!

One of my favorite things about the cooler weather months is picking a much loved color scheme and putting together capsule wardrobes of some of the pieces I absolutely love. You know those pieces of clothing that you have in your closet and are constantly reaching for even though you have so many other clothes to choose from? Yeah those are the ones I’m talking about!

I don’t typically do capsule wardrobes in spring and summer because it’s so dang hot in the south that I just wear whatever is comfortable (aka shorts and a tee or tank) but October through March you can definitely find me in the capsule wardrobe pieces I pick out!

What is a capsule wardrobe though? A lot of people have different ideas about what this should look like but I like to tailor it to exactly my needs and I think you should too. The number of pieces in your capsule is going to look different for everyone because everyone has different things going on in their lives but the basic idea is to pick your very favorite things that always bring you joy and use those. Fill in the gaps where you think is needed with a couple basic tees or a new brown bag because your other one is falling apart but the idea is NOT to go crazy with shopping and tossing all your clothes in exchange for new ones! DON’T DO THAT!!!

The idea is to pick a color scheme that you love and wear most often and tailor your capsule wardrobe around that. Pick pieces that are versatile and you can wear numerous ways. This should be fun!!! And not stressful though 🙂 Some people are going to have 25 pieces in their capsule and some people will have 40 and that’s okay! But the purpose of doing this is so when you wake up in the morning, you only have your favorite pieces to pick from so it’s not very overwhelming and it brings you joy to get ready!

For the fall season, I tend to gravitate to more mustard, cognac, navy blues, rust colors. It brings me so much joy when the color of my clothes match the changing leaf colors around me, haha!

Some of the outfits I put together below are just examples of how you can put the pieces together but all these items can be mixed and matched in so many ways! All the links for everything I could find are at the very bottom of the post!

Outfit #1

I paired this flannel and jacket with leggings because honestly leggings can be dressed up or down and they are such a staple in any wardrobe. I loved this jacket for the fall because it’s not the typical army green color we’ve all gravitated to in the past, plus it has a hood and is still fitted in the waist!

Outfit #2

Here I took the same leggings and dressed them way down with a cute henley top and sweater but added Converse style Kids shoes to it. This is literally my go to outfit for picking the kids up from school, running errands around the town, taking them to after school activities. Most days this is what I’m wearing when it’s cooler out. Leggings, cute top, sweater, practical shoes, done!

Outfit #3

I really love this outfit for a day at the pumpkin patch or apple picking; any sort of fall thing! These Pikolino shoes I had my eye on all last fall and never grabbed them so when they went on sale this year, I snagged them up instantly because I knew I would get so much wear from them. They’re so comfortable and go great with any outfit, whether it’s pairing it with jeans and a tee or a dress or skirt. I also really loved the mustard color in the plaid so I pulled that color out with the tee I paired it with underneath and I thought the two looked really fun and fall-y like!

Outfit #4

This vest is so good and reminds me of something super expensive but hey Old Navy you did it right again 😉 This faux shearling had the perfect cognac color to compliment any cognac color sweater to go underneath. The mock turtleneck gives just enough neck height to keep you warm with the fall breeze and I really love the pop of leopard the shoes bring. But again, the best could be paired with a chambray shirt or plaid shirt underneath too and it would look just as good. Plus the leopard print is turning into such a neutral that you could get away with wearing it with most things these days.

Outfit #5

The next three outfits are the same dress styled three different ways. I had a lot of fun playing around with ways to style it and after I did, I realized I could probably make an entire series on just how to style body-con type dresses! This dress is a maternity one but I linked a few non-maternity options too. I love the mules to just slide on and go and the plaid shirt is just enough flavor to add to a simple color dress like the one I’m wearing.

Outfit #6

I kept talking about pairing the Pikolino shoes with a dress or skirt but hadn’t done it yet so I took this opportunity to paid it with this dress and throw an oversized sweater over the top that was the same shade. I LOVE how this looks together! You can put any oversized sweater over the top of this dress since it’s a form fitting dress anyway and instead of these you can pair it with booties or knee high boots to dress it up a little. You could even add a belt to cinch the waist a little for more definition but at 27 weeks pregnant, I didn’t need any definition in the mid section 😉

Outfit #7

Same type look but with a jean jacket over the top which really is always a classic!

Hopefully this inspired you guys to give the capsule wardrobe a shot! All of the pieces I included in the above capsule wardrobe are non-maternity pieces except for the dress (which has alternative links) so I included everything on the bottom!

Remember, don’t go crazy with buying new things, only choose your favorite pieces and a few staples that will carry you throughout and have fun with it! Getting ready in the morning should be something you enjoy, not something to be dreaded!

Tees: White Tee // Rust Henley Tee // Mustard color tee

Sweaters/Button Ups: Mock neck sweater // Barefoot Dreams Sweater // First plaid // Second Plaid // Third Plaid

Pants: Black Leggings // Jeans (old but similar here)

Dress: Gray Body-Con Dress // Alternative option (non-maternity)

Shoes: Keds Shoes // Pikolinos // Leopard Mules // Tan Mules

Jackets: Jean Jacket // Rust Color Coat // Sherpa Vest


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