this month was chalk full of good books. in addition to the regular mode of nesting being taken out on the house, i also killed a lot of books in september and october so far. and the month is only half over!

let’s all be brave by annie downs // i feel like anyone who opens this book will likely want to become best friends with annie. i did. this book was a little more religious based than i thought it would be but it was also very encouraging and, for lack of better word, brave. this woman really has a lot of guts, despite of how much she downplays things. it’s about living with everything you’ve got and not fretting over the places where we think we lack. there were lots of tears, laughing and dreaming for me while i read this book and this one right here? i couldn’t help but post on my inspiration board. say yes to the situations that stretch you and scare you and ask you to be a better you than you think you can be. say yes to the moments that will only come once. say yes to serving. say yes to jesus in every way – every chance you get.

big magic by elizabeth gilbert // i found the podcast magic lessons before i even heard of this book. but when i walked past it in target, it immediately went into my cart and i got started on it right away. less than a week later, i was reading the last page and my mind was in a complete whirlwind. it had me question and rethink everything in my life and how i could take a different approach on how i look at things, an approach i never would have even thought of before. i love the books that light a fire within me and this one was a complete blaze. notes and quotes were being jotted down faster than my fingers could scribble. elizabeth gilbert made me realize that it is perfectly okay for things not to be perfect regardless of what your mind is telling you. it doesn’t matter, just don’t let the creativity die. another way to think of it is to have an affair with your creativity; you will understand what i mean when you read the book. i have to share a few of my favorites that i found in the book because i never ever want to forget them and they are too good not to have you read. “create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. the rest will take care of itself.” “it’s ain’t what they call you; it’s what you answer to.” and one more… “don’t rush through the experiences and circumstances that have the capacity to transform you.” genius right? i strongly recommend this book to anyone who needs a little creative boost, encouragement, or just a little extra happiness in your life.

why not me? by mindy kaling // this book was a quick read and i definitely enjoyed it but i didn’t love it. her first book was much much better but who doesn’t love mindy and her wit?

apparently i’ve been really into the non-fiction books lately and i’m loving that they all better me a little but i am missing my pretend world fiction books. i just found a new FABULOUS library in our area this week and i plan on going there again today (third time this week) to pick up a few books. meanwhile i’m starting if it was easy, they’d call the whole damn thing a honeymoon by jenna mccarthy.

what are you reading lately? i could always use a few recommendations for my list!


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