Happy 2020 everyone! I love the feeling of a fresh new start and I have an inkling that 2020 is going to be a good one! In today’s post, I wanted to write out some of my “goals” for the upcoming year as well as talk about the new changes that will be happening with regards to this blog! Nothing HUGE is changing HOWEVER, things are about to get way more consistent.

First things first….

I talked about goal setting on Instagram earlier in December and mentioned I am not someone who likes making resolutions but rather just making some small goals and changes that I would love to see throughout the year. First and most importantly, I want to be more intentional with my kids. The more stressed I am, the less patient I am with them and so a priority of mine this year is to focus on them first and foremost because if things aren’t going well with them, nothing goes well. Part of this goal is also to find a new routine for our family as we welcome our third baby into our little crew!

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Another focus for 2020 is to listen to my body. I’m going to be turning 34 this summer and want to be taking care of myself in the best way I know how. Last year when I was pregnant, I let myself slack more than I normally do because I used being pregnant, tired, fatigued, etc. as an excuse. I need to drink more water, eat healthier (everything in moderation) and get back to working out regularly once I get the all clear from the doctor. My plan right now is to breastfeed and I know by adding in more nutrition and water into my diet, it will only help our baby! I don’t care so much about losing the baby weight but more learning my body again and getting comfortable with what it will look like now that I have birthed a third baby!

Lastly, I want to make create better mind and soul habits. This involves more consistency and focus on things such as deadlines I have to meet, checking things off on my to do list, just staying focused on what I need to get done, and consistency with projects and work that is important to me. I’m also including limiting phone screen time in this category and not getting lost in the abyss of scrolling. Part of me wants to create more than I consume and I can’t do this if I am constantly scrolling and comparing myself so I’m cutting myself off of screen time for certain hours of the day and I know this will help in both my being and being present in my kids lives.

I have quite a few more personal goals that I want to achieve but these are the ones I wanted to share here so I can stay accountable to them.

Changes here on the blog

My goal this year with my blog is to have some more consistency here on the blog. When I do have the chance to write, I thoroughly enjoy it but I haven’t been keeping up with it in quite a while and it brings me so much joy that this is the year I’m going to bring it back full force, starting with having a schedule of what to expect on a daily basis here in this space!

MONDAY – Freebie day – Might be style, home decor, life update, just pictures, inspiration, who knows but I like the idea of having one freebie day where I post about anything I’m enjoying!

TUESDAY – Motherhood topics – This will range anywhere from postpartum updates, things that have been working for us, struggles I’ve been having, kids clothes roundups, school lunch ideas, anything involving the topic of motherhood or kids.

WEDNESDAY – Wellness Wednesday – A day where I talk about something related to oils, how they’ve helped me, my family, tips and tricks on how to use them, etc.

THURSDAY – Erin’s Weekly Roundup – This post will focus on the book I am currently reading, podcasts I am listening to, workouts, recipes from the week – really anything that I want to update you all on!

FRIDAY – Amazon favorites (this could be style related items, books, baby/kids items, household products, etc)

I’m going to try to keep this as consistent as possible in January but with the arrival of a new baby, I know it will be a little more challenging. My plan is to be completely dedicated to this by February though so I’ll be doing as best I can in the meantime!

Alright, I think I covered it all! Please let me know what you want to see here specifically in the new year!

I’m so looking forward to kicking this new decade off with so much more to offer!


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