If you missed my last post on my love for essential oils, you can read it HERE. Essential oils changed a lot for us and we couldn’t love it more! Below is a list of my favorite things to use to support using oils in our home!

Essential Oil Accessories – All the Best Things

Label Maker – This is my most favorite label maker! I adore the old school look but the labels don’t stay super well so if you use a little super glue on each side of the label, it works perfectly.

Fractionated Coconut Oil – A natural carrier oil that you use in roller bottles. Usually you add the oils to your roller bottle and then top with a carrier oil and this is one of the most common ones used.

Jojoba Oil I love this to use as my makeup remover and to use in moisturizer roller bottles or my glow serum.

Essential Glow by Stephanie Gerber book – A book of so much information on oils but more importantly DIY’s. There are more DIY’s than ever and I personally love trying outlaw things from that book!

Wool Dryer Balls – The first thing I got when starting to switch over to safer products and honestly the easiest thing to switch in your house. I love having numerous on hand for when they get lost or stuck in the sheets or clothes when taking things out of the dryer.

Amber Glass Bottle Set – You will want the spray amber bottles for your Thieves cleaner and the smaller spray bottles for room air freshener spray.

Roller Bottle Printable Labels – Instead of waiting for the mail to come with other labels from online, I really like these printable labels to use on my roller bottles that I make. Especially since I can use the labels as many times as I want to and I just print them on sticker paper.

Young Living Desert Mist Diffuser – This is the diffuser we have in just about every room in our house and it spreads the oils in the air so well. It’s such an easy diffuser to use and clean and I just love how pretty it is!

Roller Bottles – I just love the gold tops on these! But really any roller bottles are good. There are so many pretty ones out there like these and these!

White Ceramic Diffuser – Love the look and glow of this diffuser. It looks so pretty and there’s so many different colors to choose from! My oldest daughter loves having it in her bedroom and it makes for a great nightlight. Perfect for smaller spaces and rooms!

You get all those oils above in your starter kit! Plus I send you an entire informationguide on everything in your kit! You get the diffuser and all the oils. Plus sample of Thieves (what I use to clean my home) and a few other goodies. Kits start at $169. ORDER HERE and make sure the number 16680040 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. Sign up as a MEMBER to get the 24% off!

Reminder you do not have to sell it. And you can skip to step 3 if you do not want to get product monthly. (We go thru thieves, certain oils, NingXia Red and more so I like to hand pick what I get monthly).

THIS is the smaller white ceramic diffuser, perfect for smaller rooms 1000-2000 square feet.

If you are interested in getting some of my favorite oils and grabbing a starter kit, check out THIS blog post here!!! You get all my favorite oils in your starter kit plus a diffuser to get you going. No monthly commitment. No obligation to sell yourself. Plus you get plugged into a Facebook Group so we can help you along the way.


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