Dreaming of a Vacation

Day 24 on the Challenge: describe your dream vacation.  This was easier for me than I thought it would be.  Perhaps I’ve been thinking about it a little two much? 😉

If I could have my dream vacation, it would be somewhere in Italy, right by the ocean.  I would eat scones and read glorious books on my veranda while overlooking sunrises and drinking my tea.  (Yes I like tea in my dreams.)  After the sun has risen and the city is awake, I would grab my straw basket and take my bicycle to the farmers market to get fresh produce for meals for dinner.  I would drop that stuff off then go window shopping and eat gelato and read more books in cafes all day long.  By late afternoon, the beach would be calling my name and I might take a nap on the sand for a few hours.  Then I would go back to my place I’m staying, change into a lightweight kimono and sandals and cook dinner while drinking wine.  Oh this honestly sounds heavenly for me.

Now this dream vacation looks totally different if I would have Andrew and Addison with me.  That dream vacation involves DisneyWorld and lots of smiles and my little baby girl dressed up like a princess meeting all her favorite princesses and eating breakfast with them and watching her dreams come true.  Yep…I can’t wait to take that little girl to DiseyWorld someday!

What does your dream vacation look like?

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