when addison was born, i wanted to write down everything. every smile, every cute cry where she folded her hands and just wailed, every single moment i wanted to document. i knew it wasn’t logical though and i was afraid if i started too many things, i would end up quitting all of them. so i committed myself to a few ways on documenting addison’s first year. i carved out time every month to sit and write for a couple minutes or an afternoon (however much time i had) and i made sure i did it. there were a few times i had to play catch up but now that i’m looking back, i’m glad i did it. i know i’m going to forget when she got her first tooth (heck i already can’t remember how old she was) and it’s stuff i’ll be itching to remember when addison has her own baby.

i thought i’d share my three ways i documented addison’s first year. it was fun to create but now it’s even more fun to look back at.

1. the traditional baby book. we got this book as a gift and i’m so glad we did. i’ve always loved the classic baby book of keeping track of everything. from her birth story to every month of jotting things down and adding pictures to celebrating her first birthday, it all went into this book. all the posts that i shared on this little blog and the letters i wrote on here, i printed and added to her baby book. this is something that definitely took a long time but i’m so glad i have this documentation to look back on. i didn’t realize how quickly i would forget things until i go back and try to remember it all. i’ll definitely cherish this book forever and can’t wait to create another one for our next little girl!

2. a calendar of her first year. my mom did this for my sister and i and i had never thought about keeping a calendar of addison’s first year until she gifted this to us along with my own calendar. at first i was like meh, i’m not sure about this but then i was looking back at my own calendar that my mom kept and she wrote everything in it. i mean…evvvvverything. it was so much fun to look back on and right then and there i decided i would try to jot down something every day for addison to remember. a little blurb. it’s cool because the baby book says when things happened but the calendar gives an exact date. and now when i look back on it, it will be enjoyable to see when the next baby does things compared to when addison did.

3. handwritten cards. i may have enjoyed this a little too much. i wrote addison a letter once a month and keep them in a box for her to open when she’s grown up. every month i would go to my favorite card store and pick out a card that i loved and i would sit down and write her a little love letter. it was so much fun. from her first valentines day to her first birthday and everything in between, she has a gaggle of cards to open from her first year of how much her daddy and i loved her. i can’t wait to someday give these letters of love to her.

i’m so happy i did these things and i’ve definitely stuck with the letters but i’ve got a few different things i’m doing to document her second year of life that i’ll share eventually.

what are your favorite ways to remember your little babes in their early days?



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