My last segment for favorite blogs is the creative handmade classic DIY Blog.  There are holy soooo many DIY blogs out there but these six are the best of the best.  I promise, they won’t let you down.

Ann Marie Loves Paper // This darling girl has the prettiest blog ever and her DIY projects are out of this world.  Especially the baby album she is making for her sweet little one (due ANY day).  I want to do this for my second baby (who are we kidding, I never even did anything for Addison before she was born).

Elise Blaha // Elise is definitely my go to for anything I want to be inspired by.  She’s the jack of all trades when it comes to home projects.  They always turn out so dreamy, especially these floor pillows.  Can I please get myself a sewing machine already so I can attempt these?  Good gracious I love em!

Oh Joy // Not only is Joy my idol in all things book related (she’s a super good writer) but she always creates the most colorful DIY projects.  This family station I for sure plan on doing in our next house and this table runner would make for such a fancy decoration for a fancy dinner!

A Beautiful Mess // Okay so if there was ever one blog I had to pick to only read for the rest of my life it would be this blog by Elsie and Emma.  They literally have everything under the sun but their DIY projects are my absolutel favorite (probably because they have so many!).  Seriously though, check out their archives because if you can’t find even one thing you don’t like or would want to make you probably just hate life.  Kidding.  Actually no I’m really not.

Ali Edwards // Ali holds all my inspiration when I work on my Project Life book.  For those of you wondering where all those updates have been, I’m still quite behind on that project so I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting updates any time soon.  Ali has created so many projects and she holds so many good ideas on her pages she creates.  It blows my mind.

Meg Duerksen // This site has some of the most fun looking crafts and DIY projects for kids!  I got so excited when I saw the above project that I wanted to make one myself!  I can’t wait until Addison gets older and we can start making these fun things together!

What are some of your favorite DIY blogs?  Any I must know about?!


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