Disney World you guys. This was the most magical trip! It was so special to watch the girls’ faces light up with delight and the ages they are at (Addison is four and Amelia is two) made is such fun and adventurous. There was so much wonder in their eyes and they were in absolute awe of everything around them. We’d taken Addison to Disney World when she was a year and a half and that trip looked much different because we went at her pace and spent a lot of time swimming (you can read more about that trip here). This trip she’s at an age where she will remember it and it made it all the better!

We spent a total of six days not including the two days to drive there and back. It was a nice length of time because it gave us plenty of time to hit all the parks we wanted to and still have the chance to hang out at the hotel and swim and get a couple naps in.

This was our first time staying on the Disney grounds and it was our best idea yet. Once we parked our car from driving there, we didn’t touch it until we left the following week. There are buses constantly running to all the parks or you can take the monorail to get everywhere and they make it so easy and convenient. We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort and it was absolutely amazing. There were a few places to eat within the resort and two nice size pool areas with water slides, kids splash pads and hot tubs. Some friends of ours and their kids came with us so we got a suite. We still thought with four adults and four kids four years old and under that we would be a little on top of each other but it was so roomy. Fortunately we had a room on the first floor which made it real easy to bring the strollers right into the room.

We hit up all four parks in the days we were there (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios) and I would say by far the best one was Magic Kingdom for the kids. It’s so magical and there are so many rides and characters to see. Everyday at 3pm there is a parade that goes through Main Street and one of my very favorite parts of the whole trip was to see both of my girls faces light up with awe as they saw every one of their favorite princess float on past them. They don’t call it the Magic Kingdom for nothing!

Animal Kingdom was a lot of fun too. There is an awesome Safari ride that takes you through an area that has SO MANY different wildlife animals living in it and you never know what you’ll see. My kids are big fans of animals and zoo things so they loved spotting out all the animals. The Animal Kingdom also has really fantastic food. If you ever want a really good buffet style meal there, go to the Tusker House Restaurant. It was so good and there was so much variety. It was definitely my favorite place to eat. And you must see the Rivers of Light show. The special effects they can do with water is out of this world and how they had all the animals entwined in the water. It was such a cool show!

When it comes to Epcot, I think this would have been my favorite place to go if we didn’t have kids with us. I would have loved to taste test my way through all the different countries and stop at all the cute pubs for a beer but there was no way the kids were up for that. There’s not a whole ton of things to do at Epcot for kids but it’s fun to walk around at (and Mary Poppins is there!).

You can easily do Hollywood Studios in less than half a day. There wasn’t a lot to do there (although the ToyStory Land will be opening up next month so this review could totally change once that’s open) except shop and a ride or two for young kids.

What I really liked about this trip is even though we had things planned out with Fast Passes and Dining reservations, you could easily not go or cancel the reservation. We really focused on how much we were willing to push the kids and called the shots a lot based on how they were doing. We didn’t venture outside the Disney Grounds and I was perfectly fine with that. There was so much to do between all the parks and all the resorts, we could have stayed there much longer and still not have done everything. The kids had a blast and Addison is already asking when we can go back! Someday when they’re out of strollers and diapers perhaps!


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