Dear Five Year Old Erin…

Day 11 of Blog Every Day in May is a letter to your five year old self.  Here goes…

Dear little Erin,

You may find this hard to believe but this is your 27 year old self writing to you.  Yes, I find it strange too.  Here, I’ll prove it to you.  I know you sleep on your stomach with your arms tucked under your entire body, I know you chew gum while you fall asleep and wake up with it stuck in your hair and I know that you think white cigarette candies are the best candy ever because they look cool.

We’ve gone through a lot together you and me.  But now that I see where this life is taking you, I’m here to give you a little advice.  Your 27 year old self loves lists so let’s go with what we know.

-Be nice to the boys in your grade school class.  You marry one of them someday (probably the boy you think has the most cooties).

-Start drinking more milk or you will be the last one at the dinner table every single night until you’re in high school.

-The pretty girl who has a locker next to you in 7th grade when you transfer to public school ends up being one of your closest friends after college.  It’s crazy how it works out but people will surprise you that way so be nice to everyone because you don’t know when you’ll run into them again.

-Go to the school dances with your friends.  You’ll have a better time.

-Those boys that your sad about because they don’t notice you?  Be sad about it but then move on right away.  There are so many other fish waiting for you that no guy is ever worth the chase.

-When you apply to college, apply to more than one school so you know you have options.

-Be picky about who you choose as friends.  Some people will disappoint you and some you think will be around forever won’t be but the one you really will hang on to you will meet at age 16 in the mens underwear department at Boston Store.  She’s a keeper.

-Find yourself and know what you want before you try to make someone else understand you.

I could go on and on with a list of things for you but you will figure it all out in time.  Be smart, don’t worry about what people think, and remember your family and friends are the most important things in the world to you.  And someday when you look at your own daughter, you will pray she knows all these things too before she goes off into that great big scary world.

Keep your head held high and you’ll go far kid.


Your 27 year old self

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