dear addison,

you are ten and a half months right now and you are seriously the coolest kid i have ever met. i’m taking time today to making note about some of my favorite things about you at this age.

i want to remember how upbeat you are in the mornings. after 12 hours of sleeping you babble to yourself until i peak into your room and you are standing there with the biggest smile on your face. it’s like you’re saying “You found me!”

i want to remember how you giggle whenever you are on the ground playing with jack. even if he’s across the room from you, you are constantly giggling and crawl up to him to steal his ball. you’ve started grabbing his tail too which is fun and a terrible idea all at once but he just jumps away.

i want to remember how you burrow your face into my arms and chest when you wake up from your afternoon nap. it usually takes you a bit to wake up from that one and there is a lot of eye rubbing and yawning and sighing involved.

i want to remember how you were completely intrigued by santa and thought he was so funny. you sat in his lap and you just laughed and laughed (while tugging at his beard of course).

i want to remember how you play with the faucet knobs on the side of the bathtub every morning when i get ready in the bathroom. you are completely intrigued with how shiny they are.

i want to remember the feeling of you in my arms after you wake from a nap. it takes you a good five minutes, sometimes up to fifteen minutes, to come out of it and you just want to be held and snuggled and soothed. it’s awesome that you want to cuddle that much after naptime because it’s such a rarity these days.

i want to remember the first time you discovered the spring of a door stopper on the wall (when we were house hunting in october). hours of entertainment right there. you are constantly still going up to every wall and hitting the spring.

i want to remember how you love to be carried on my shoulders. and how you sit in front of the mirror forever (which really is a whole five minutes) staring at yourself and giggling. and how you take my shoes off the racks and check them all out before speed crawling away. and that you clear every table, chair, counter tops if it has anything on it. always trying to tidy up the flat surfaces.

i want to remember this period of time when something is noticeably a little different. you stand up a little longer. you form words a little better. you pay attention a little better. you look at me and understand deeper. i marvel at everything you are learning daily. and everyday i feel so blessed that we made it to this day and that we are thriving.

i love you so much addison iris.  only a month and a half til you are a year old!

yours forever, mama


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  1. December 30, 2014 / 2:16 pm

    I am pretty sure that this is the sweetest post ever. I love how you are documenting the things you dont want to forget at certain stages 🙂

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