Chillin Out Maxin’ Relaxin’ All Cool

Day 21 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (and I’m late because…screaming infant all night long).  Can you believe we’ve even lasted this long?  Oofa…

As much as I have loved doing this challenge, I’m looking forward to blogging about other things.  I have a whole list of blog posts for June that I can’t wait to write.  Recipes, baby life, DIY projects, oh so many more…you just wait!

Anyways though, today’s topic is something you do to relax.

Normally I would have said catch up on Netflix or read blogs but lately I have been hanging out at the library.  Granted I haven’t been reading as much as I would like but it’s been so nice to go there and browse around.  I’ve found so many books that I didn’t expect to see there that I normally would just buy at Barnes and Noble and it’s been fun taking them home FOR FREE lately!  

It’s funny now when I look back at all the money I’ve thrown away on books that I still haven’t read yet and are just sitting on my shelves.  I will always buy books but there comes a point where I’m realizing that I don’t need to own every book I read.  If I really like something after I check it out from the library, I’ll buy it so I can re-read it someday but there’s no point in having all these books just to have them if I have no intention on reading them again. 

Sound familiar?  This is one of the many steps I’ve taken on focusing on my word for 2014 simplify!

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