a bit behind yes seeing as it’s november and i’m only now sharing books 21 to 30 but i’m picking up the pace with the weather getting cooler and us settling in to our new house. here’s my opinion on the last ten books i’ve read!

here comes the sun by nicole dennis-benn every once in a while i pick up a book that’s a bit odd. this was it. i didn’t not like it but i certainly didn’t love it. it’s a story, set in jamaica, of a relationship between two sisters and a mother that is clearly strained and nobody really knows each other well even though everyone pretends too.

in a dark, dark wood by ruth ware another fabulous suspense novel by ruth ware that had me on the edge of my seat. i read this on the flight to california and while i was there and it went so quick that i refused to put it down until it was over.

talking as fast as i can by lauren graham i adore lauren graham and anything gilmore girls so this memoir of hers was fabulous to read. it was like having a conversation with lorelai gilmore.

where’d you go bernadette? by maria semple such a good book! i listened to this on audible and the accents of the reader was incredible but mostly i jut loved the bond between mother and daughter that this story entails.

present over perfect by shauna niequist i adore shauna’s writing and though this wasn’t one of my favorites of hers, the book is packed with a ton of short stories throughout her life and even more godly moments of how much an impact he can have our lives.

of mess and moxie by jen hatmaker this is the first book i’ve read by jen and i couldn’t stop laughing in just the first few chapters. it was so good and so real and recipes! i always love good tried and true recipes, especially when they are tied in with a story. it was a great feel good kind of book.

into the water by paula hawkins this wasn’t my favorite but it was still good. it kept my interest because it was such a suspenseful story but it wasn’t one that i was dying to read when i picked it up.

hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet by jamie ford this book. i didn’t pick up a book for four or five days after because it was still so in my head. this is one of the greatest love stories i have ever read. it hits you right in the heart. absolutely an incredible book to pick up.

grace not perfection by emily ley this is my second time reading this book. last year when it first came out i dived into it and finished it in two days and i vowed to read at least once a year if not more. emily wrote this book while in the thick of it and it is so raw and real with motherhood and finding yourself and friendship and family and all the things. so good. so real. so much yes to this book.

at home in the world by tsh oxenreider i didn’t even read the synopsis of this before i bought it so i was shocked that it was a book about traveling the world. it was really awesome though to hear how these people traveled with their three young children for so long all around the world. it makes me really want to show our kids the world now and take them on all the fun adventures we keep talking about for when the kids are grown up and out of the house. i mean really what are we waiting for? how fun would it be to experience iceland and paris and germany and all the other beautiful places this world has to offer with our children in tow? very good read, especially if you’ve got travel on the mind 🙂

i’ve definitely got to pick up the pace with my reading over the next two months so if you’re interested in seeing more about what i’m reading, you can follow me on instagram or look up the has tag #elcreads2017 on instagram!


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