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Lately I have been feeling like I haven’t been dedicated to this space like I want to be.  It’s one of my favorite hobbies, yet I’m not making time in my day to post something.  Honestly, I don’t know if I should even be doing this because blogging every day for a month?  It’s a really big commitment.  It will certainly get me back into the swing of one of my passions though.  But like weekends too?  Plus it’s not a 28 day month…it’s a 31 day month!  I mean…

My friend Jenni did this last year though and I was so impressed that she was able to post something every day so I’m ready to give a shot.  I feel like when you don’t have to stage everything and don’t have to feel like every post and every picture has to be perfect, you get back to the root of blogging.  Because that’s really what it’s about right?  Real life.  The real life writing and the real life pictures.  The pretty and the not so pretty, the edited and the not so edited.  Bloggers feel a lot of pressure to sometimes be something they’re not because of this big ole blog world.  It’s nice to take a step back and just write with our heart instead of with so many of our filters on.

That’s what this is all about.  I’m challenging you to blog every day in May for the whole month with me.  Are you feeling up for it?  I’ve even created all the topics for us so you don’t have to think about what to write every day.  That’s half the battle right there for bloggers.  So.  There you have it.  Will you join me?

Here’s a few rules (more like guidelines):

  1. The first rule is there are no rules.  If you miss a day you can skip it or make it up if you want.  I’ll still be friends with you.
  2. I’ll be posting a linkup on the bottom of each post every day so feel free to link up and check out other links to make new friends!
  3. You can still post other things on your blog too.  I’m sure I’ll do some of my regular posting in addition to the topics every day (at least that’s what I think right now).
  4. It would be awesome if you all added the “Blog Every Day in May” button on your posts or sidebar of your blog.  That way we can all see who is participating and make new friends along the way.  You don’t have to if you choose not to but it would be prettttty nice of ya.
  5. Here’s the topics below.  Take em, leave em, skip em, adjust them, love them!

Day 1 Thursday – Ten things you love about yourself.
Day 2 Friday – One of your goals (and how you’re doing)
Day 3 Saturday – Your best piece of blogging advice
Day 4 Sunday – React to my word for 2014: Simplify
Day 5 Monday – Favorite quote and why
Day 6 Tuesday – A link or image of your favorite Pinterest board and why (include some of your favorite pins too!)
Day 7 Wednesday – Take a selfie pictures
Day 8 Thursday – Five of your favorite songs to workout to
Day 9 Friday – A meal you crave (or your favorite meal)
Day 10 Saturday – Something tough or heavy on your heart
Day 11 Sunday – A letter to your five year old self
Day 12 Monday – Your wish list from summer (what to do, outfits, activities, etc)
Day 13 Tuesday – If you could only have three things on an island with you, what would they be?
Day 14 Wednesday – Your favorite way to wake up in the morning (keep it appropriate guys)
Day 15 Thursday – Name the top five things you’d like in your dream house and why.  (Bonus points for including pictures.)
Day 16 Friday -Things that make you uncomfortable
Day 17 Saturday –  You’re going on a road trip.  What are five things that you won’t leave home without?
Day 18 Sunday –  Describe your dream job
Day 19 Monday – A “Taking Stock” post (click on this link to copy and paste questions into your post)
Day 20 Tuesday – Three of your favorite blogs and why
Day 21 Wednesday – Something you like to do to relax
Day 22 Thursday – What motivates you…it can be anything from a big dream to a dish of icecream at the end of the day.
Day 23 Friday – Only pictures
Day 24 Saturday – Describe your dream vacation (things to do or a place…or both)
Day 25 Sunday – What is your favorite form of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) and why?
Day 26 Monday – If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Day 27 Tuesday – Profess your love for a blog(ger friend)
Day 28 Wednesday – A happy moment (it can be from recently or from way back when)
Day 29 Thursday – A tradition you love
Day 30 Friday – Favorite Disney movie and why
Day 31 Saturday – Something you’re looking forward to this summer

Will you be joining me on this challenge in May? I can’t wait for it to begin!


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  1. April 24, 2014 / 6:14 pm

    I love this idea and you have great daily topics. I'm thinking I may need to join you in this challenge! Now to just work up the courage…thanks for the inspiration!

  2. April 26, 2014 / 2:24 am

    This is an awesome idea! Maybe I will be joining in 🙂

  3. April 26, 2014 / 3:55 am

    I don't have my own blog, but I will look forward to your posts!

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