hi! hello! are you there? probably not since i haven’t blogged in over a month but here i am! wow, people always told me you wouldn’t get a lot of spare time with two kids and, yeah…they were right. i’m trying to use my time more wisely when i’m not running after an infant and a toddler but sadly blogging has taken a bit of the back burner.

anyway though, here i am to talk about birthday week! last week we celebrated a whole bunch of things. andrew turned the big 3-0 and my oldest baby turned 2! it broke my heart and made me so grateful all at the same time!

we had the privilege of going back to wisconsin to celebrate all these events. addison got a real party this year with all her friends and family this year (not that last year wasn’t a real party, but it was much much smaller). we made sure those kids tumbled their hearts out before partying it up in the main room. well all the kids except mine tumbled their hearts out.

i’m pretty sure my words were “you will do this dang obstacle course because i didn’t spend this money for you to stand here and cry”.

 anyone else terrified of the trampoline? no? just my kid?

oh and look who got into it riiiiight as our time in the play area was over….grand huh?

 rainbow themed parties are definitely the best kind.

 my mother-in-law made these cupcakes! seriously they were so cool!

she showed those sprinkles who’s boss.

we also were lucky enough to have amelia baptized in the church where andrew and i got married and addison was baptized. it was simply wonderful. “meme”, as addison likes to call her, met a lot of people for the first time, including my grandma and all of our closest friends. it’s such a blessing to have such beautiful people in our lives. the people are definitely the biggest thing i miss about wisconsin. (it’s certainly not those frigid temperatures!)

hooray for successful visits back to visit family! i’m so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. i probably don’t say it enough to them but for anyone who is reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for us. we love you all <3


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