Laundry rooms aren’t typically the first room people get excited about when they think decorating but I like mine to feel airy and fresh, especially since that’s the goal for what I’m doing for my clothes! This spring I plan on decorating our laundry room and sprucing it up a little. Here’s some of my inspiration for my own laundry room! We have a large empty wall in it that I plan on putting some sort of hooks on for backpacks and purses. I’m still on the fence if I want to just put hooks on the wall or have a slat wall put up for hooks and bins and all sorts of things. I think I also might add wallpaper to it to give a little more life.

I’d love to know what room of the house you like to decorate the most! Comment below <3

Laundry Hamper/Sorter on Wheels  // Greenery // Galvanized Bins

Galvanized Shelf // Laundry Room Metal Sign // Galvanized Laundry Drying Rack

Glass Jars // Rug Runner


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