Because Who Doesn’t Love a Vacation Recap

I wasn’t planning on taking a week long break from the blog.  I had every intention of scheduling posts for this space while we took our road trip but you know…babies and packing and…babies.  Yeah.  I ended up spending the majority of my time packing and cleaning before we left.

Addison went on her first road trip (10-11 hours one way) this past weekend!  We left Wednesday morning for Louisville Kentucky and then went the rest of the way on Thursday to Gatlinburg Tennessee.  It was seriously such an amazing trip and that baby of ours is a champ when it comes to road trips.  I’ll talk next week about a packing list and tips for long car rides with an infant for what worked for us but right now, I have to share everything we did because it was such a blast!

^^Addison was definitely the youngest one on the Makers Mark distillery tour.  She was also the most excited about the fermenting process.  Look at that face!

^^Little baby bear just hanging out in the tree.  I asked Andrew if we could take him home so I could actually have a baby bear instead of always calling Addison that.  He said no.

^^This view.  Oh my gosh.

 ^^God’s incredible work of art are these mountains. 

^^A new item was added to my bucket list.

^^This 3 hour hike with a baby on your front was brutal but it was worth it.

^^The waterfall is what we hiked to and wow…I’ve never seen anything like this before.  It was breathtaking.

^^She was a trooper on our hike.  Although when I stopped walking, she started fussing.  What a demanding young one.

^^One of my favorite parts of the whole trip.  The Grand Ole Opry.

^^Our last day before heading home in downtown Nashville.  Love this city.


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  1. May 1, 2014 / 1:24 am

    how fun! looks like a beautiful place to visit! and oh my goodness – you look awesome 🙂 and that baby of yours is adorable!!

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