I’ve always joked that I wanted to have a house full of kids but I never thought it would actually happen. After we had our first two so close together (22 months apart), I knew I wanted another eventually but didn’t know if we could handle it so neither my husband or I brought it up for a really long time. I saved everything and from house to house in the last few years we have moved SO MUCH baby stuff for a maybe baby. Finally last fall we decided we wanted to try one more time and put it in God’s hands. I prayed and prayed but in the back of my head I didn’t want to get my hopes up just in case it wasn’t in God’s plan.

Baby number 3 popped up around April and we were over the moon excited and still a little surprised! This pregnancy has been VERY similar to my last pregnancy in terms of feeling nauseous and exhausted for the entire first trimester. But other than those two things, I have been very blessed to not have thrown up or had any complications with our little growing babes.

I can finally say that I feel better. The nausea has lifted and I finally feel like I am enjoying life again and not just laying there watching the girls play. I wanted to publish a weekly bump update throughout this third pregnancy so today we will talk about what it’s like being 21 weeks with baby #3! I wear my Old Navy sandals pretty much daily, especially in these hot months because they are so comfortable while being pregnant!

What Fruit are you? As long as a carrot and about 12 ounces! Although I will say that it feels more like a watermelon instead 😉

Due date: December 30! My other two kids were both five days early so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one won’t be so we can enjoy Christmas Day at home!

How far along: 21 weeks!

Gender: We found out it’s a boy (!!!) last week and I still cannot wrap my head around a little boy being in the house. Andrew and I both thought for sure it would be a girl and we were prepping ourselves to be ready for that but God threw us for a loop and I’m so excited for a change of things with a boy in the house!

Total weight gain/loss: Up 12 pounds so far. When I first found out I was pregnant I was right around 130 so this baby has been packing it on already and I am here for it!

Exercise: In the first trimester, I didn’t work out at all because I felt physically and mentally exhausted all the time. I ended up dropping my gym membership since we weren’t using it but we got the Peloton bike at the end of July and I’ve been doing that three or four times a week. I love it because I don’t have to spend the time driving somewhere anymore and I can do it before anyone wakes up or after the kids go to bed.

Stretch marks: I believe that stretch marks come from genetics and I was grateful enough to not get any during my first two pregnancies so I’m hoping that I won’t get any this pregnancy either. I do however have AWFUL varicose veins on my right leg that extend to you know where.

Swelling: Not yet!

Maternity clothes: I’m trying to stay away from maternity clothes for as long as I can. I did bring out the bin of maternity clothes I kept from the last two pregnancies but I realized that the majority I don’t fit into or will never wear so I ended up donating that and keeping only one dress and two pairs of maternity shorts that I’ve worn so far. Otherwise everything else is still my normal clothes!

Belly button: In for now but probably out by next week 😉

Sleep: When the other two girls are sleeping, it’s pretty good!

Food cravings: PICKLES!!! Maraschino cherries, banana pudding! PICKLES!!!

Symptoms: There’s so pressure and pain from the varicose veins but otherwise this week has been pretty good!

Movement: Yes! I’ve been feeling movements since about 15 weeks and it’s much easier to feel the movements sooner than with the other two babes.

Best moment this week: Having my mom and sister in town because they helped me bring a TON of bins down from the attic so I could get rid of all the pink clothes! Haha, as sad as it is my next babe won’t be wearing some of the things my first two did, I am so excited to get rid of SO MUCH PINK after having two girls. And we don’t have plans on having any more after this little man so all the pink is going!

Words of wisdom: If you are feeling like you’re in a tough spot, whether it’s nausea or emotional, hang tight mama. It’s going to get better. It always does <3


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