Baby Bump Update // 39 Weeks

Size: Baby is gigantic. MMMMM kay?

Weight gained: 34 pounds. I am steady at 160 (most likely because of all my trips to the bathroom this past week), which is the most I’ve ever weighed, but I am also incredibly thankful that my body is able to carry a third child with minimal serious symptoms.

Weekly Appointment Update: Over the weekend I started getting contractions quite regularly but not enough to go in to the hospital. I did think that I would be going in to labor at some point that night though so I did what any pregnant woman would do and cleaned/organized the house like a mad person. The contractions weren’t slowing down but they weren’t any more consistent though so at midnight I decided to take a hot shower to see if anything would happen and once I hopped out of the shower, they had stopped all together. I got a great night sleep and the next morning I made approximately four dozen Christmas cookies because nesting! At my doctor appointment yesterday, they told me I was 70% effaced but maybe only 1 cm dilated (they couldn’t tell?). My doctor said “He could come tomorrow or he could come in a week.” Haha, my face was definitely a little puzzled because no kidding! But so far no baby!

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Lounge wear. I live in sweatpants right now and the ones I’m wearing above from J. Crew Factory are hands down my favorites!

Boy or girl?  A boy!

Nursery update…. It’s definitely not done but will be once the madness of Christmas is over! He won’t be in the nursery for a while anyways and as nice as it would have been to have it completed, I really wanted to finish decorating the rest of our house since we just moved in two months ago 😉

Pregnancy related item I have loved this week: Coke freezies from Burger King! I honestly crave those so much the last few weeks’ they’re just amazing!

1 thing I am currently having trouble with: Let’s see. Walking, getting out of bed, making it to the bathroom on time, breathing 🙂

Currently working on: My emotional stability in preparation for this labor and delivery. My birth plan is to go into this labor without having an epidural but I know plans change so I’m open to anything that will come my way. My first two babies I had an epidural with both of them but my mindset is in a very different place with this one so we’ll see what happens!

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