well we’re getting closer and closer and as a result, i’m getting more and more excited! i’m also getting more and more tired and forgetful. also i’m starting to do some crazy things again like putting the cheerios in the refrigerator because that seems like the exact place they should go. that’s another story for another day though. 

i’m pretty sure it recently hit me that we’ll have another little cry under our roof before the year is over. wow. we finally got addison moved out of her bedroom and into her new bedroom with a big girl bed (!!!) so i’ll be working on the nursery this month and hopefully getting the majority of it completed next month. no time like a little last minute huh?

i had my glucose test a week ago and i don’t think i’ve ever felt so many kicks before noon out of her. that sugary drink really put her bouncing around into full swing. while i may be feeling a little crankier this time around (even though i’m really trying not to be!!), andrew and addison are nothing short of ecstatic for this baby which makes my mood change instantly. addison is constantly lifting up my shirt and pointing at my stomach and saying “baby?” (always a question) and giving it kisses and hugs. it’s just the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen.

ten more weeks until we meet this little bundle of joy right in time for the holidays!


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  1. October 12, 2015 / 7:18 pm

    I can't believe you're already 30 weeks! Our girls will be here so soon! YAY!

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