BABY #3 UPDATE // 25 & 26 WEEKS

26 Week Bump Update

Size: Baby is the size of kale ?! At nearly 1.5-2 pounds, baby is growing at a lightening speed!

Weight gained: Up 18 lbs. I currently weigh 147 lbs and it’s only going up from there!

Symptoms: My varicose veins are KILLING ME. But otherwise, it’s allll good!

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Dresses because it’s still too hot for pants and shorts aren’t staying on me anymore! Haha 🙂

Boy or girl? Boy!!!

Nursery update…. No progress here because we’ve got a lot going on in the background right now (and I’ll talk more about that as it gets closer) so the baby won’t be getting a nursery started until at least November if not later!

Pregnancy related Item I have loved this week: The Maeband! I found this amazing band that you loop through your belt loops over where your pants button is and it holds your non-maternity pants together without worrying about that dog-gone button!

1 thing I am currently having trouble with: Eating healthy. I have literally been eating anything I want and I am pretty sure that needs to come to an end. I haven’t figured out a plan as to how to change this yet but I am trying to be more aware of what I’m eating.

1 moment I loved about this past week: I was reading Addison’s library books one night on the couch and the entire time we were reading, she kept her hand on my belly because the baby was moving so much. Her whole face lit up every time she felt him move and it was so special to see!

1 thing I plan to do for myself this week: I’ve been sitting down with lunch and watching The Ranch a lot lately instead of eating lunch on the go (aka in car line!). Definitely something simple but I’ve been loving that time for myself.

Food cravings: All the parade candy! We went to a homecoming parade last week and I have definitely been raiding the kids candy stash!

Currently working on: haha…if only I could say right now but I will share what is going on in the next few weeks!

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