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24 Week Bump Update

Size: Baby is the size of an ear of corn! He’s a little over 1 pound now and it’s crazy to me to think he’s only one tiny pound in there even though I look like I’m smuggling a cantaloupe under my shirt 😉

Weight gained: Up 16 pounds! Maybe more 😉 I’m currently 146 pounds!

Symptoms: Not too much! Just a little pelvic pressure when I’m working out.

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Anything with a stretchy band 😉 I’m still not willing to go to maternity pants but I have been wearing one pair of maternity shorts that I had from previous pregnancies.

Boy or girl? A little boy!!!

Pregnancy related item I have loved this week: Cypress oil for calming down the pain in my varicose veins! Every morning, afternoon and night I’m rubbing it on and it’s helping so much!

Nursery Update: Baby boy likely won’t have a nursery anytime soon, haha! Lots of moving pieces are in the works of stuff right now and honestly a nursery is the last thing I’m concerned about since he’ll be sleeping in our room for the first few months (or longer!!) anyway.

1 thing I am currently having trouble with: Forgetfulness like no other this week. And I just seem to be making mistakes every day with stuffff but I know this is just life sometimes and I’m trying to figure out a better system to keep my families activities and things going on a little more organized.

1 moment I loved about this past week: Getting a few baby things in the mail that I forgot I ordered. I’m trying not to go crazy with buying things yet but good gracious it is so hard not to with the cutest small shops for babies!

1 thing I plan to do for myself this week: Going to a Mother’s Ministry for my first time today and I’m really excited to meet some new people! Some of my closest friends have gone to this for years and have wanted me to join them so I’m finally going to give it a go this year!

Food cravings: Liquids that have flavor. LOL. One day I texted my husband to pick up anything to drink that has flavor, I’m just so tired of water. He came home with seven different drinks! Haha, I was grateful!

Currently working on: Remembering to take my daily vitamins. I hate swallowing pills and I have to make a stealthy effort to make sure I take them daily.

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