The most drastic difference this week has been how difficult it has been to work out! Making time is the first obstacle and then finding the energy to get my butt moving! Once I finally do, I’ve been doing the Peloton bike workouts and I’ve been taking it easy on them because of the pressure I’ve been feeling when I sit on the seat. The instructors keep saying “tuck in that tummy and sit up nice and tall” and I just laugh because the last thing I’m thinking about is sucking it in! Lol. I’ve been checking out some of the other classes they offer like the yoga and pilates and think I’m going to give that a shot tonight or tomorrow!

Outfit Details: Dress (old – similar here and here) // Gladiator Sandals (old – similar here)

23 Week Bump Update

Size: Baby is the size of a grapefruit!

Weight gained: Up 19 pounds. What, are YOU carrying a baby? Haha…I do feel a LOT heavier these days and have even caught myself waddling before I quickly correct it. Too soon for that!

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Anything stretchy around my waist like these pants I talked about on my Instagram stories this past week or dresses. I’m usually more of a flowy dress kind of gal but I really like how this one is tighter so I can actually show off my bump instead of having it all blend in. (This dress is old but I linked a few similar ones above!)

Symptoms: Smell sensitivities like whoa!

Boy or girl: Boy!!!!!! (Still so weird to say/type out)

Pregnancy related item I have loved this week: Not just this week but I have noticed a major difference throughout this pregnancy by taking more vitamins and finally staying consistent with them! I’ll do a whole post on prenatal supplements I use and why but I’m taking Natures Made Prenatal, Young Living Multi-Greens, Life9 Probiotic, SuperB and Ningxia every day. I’ve noticed an enormous difference in my gut health especially.

1 thing I’m having trouble with: Sitting down and relaxing. I’ve been nesting like a mad person lately and I’m also in the process of selling all the girls clothes so that’s taken a lot of time taking pictures of everything and tracking who wants what but it’s been WORTH IT so far! By 6pm though I usually call it quits no matter how much I got done that day.

1 moment I loved about this past week: Something super crazy stupid exciting happened last weekend and we’re in the midst of preparing for it. I’ll talk more about this at length soon but let’s just say I’ve been stocking up on boxes again 😉 And this time it’s for GOOD!

1 thing I plan to do for myself this week: I really wanted to finish my Harry Potter book I was reading and I did it! I also started Daisy Jones and the Six yesterday and I’m absolutely addicted to it. It won’t be a surprise if I finish it this weekend. Reading is always something I try to squeeze in for myself!

Food cravings: I haven’t had anything specific I’m always craving but it comes in spurts. One minute I HAVE TO HAVE  a coke and then two sips later I’m not interested anymore. Yesterday I HAD TO HAVE the shepherds pie that was at Whole Foods for lunch and once I sat down and ate it, I was kind of over it. So the idea of cravings is fun but ya know…it can get old, haha!

Currently working on: Keeping up with blog posts, working on the fall capsule wardrobe I promised y’all (really hoping to get it up tomorrow but not totally confident it will happen), selling the kids clothes, purging all the things and getting through an entire workout would be nice!

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