realizing that i have barely blogged this summer. if you would see what our schedule has looked like for the last two months, you would understand but it’s still a crummy excuse. everyone is busy and i should have made more time for this.
making a list of fun posts that i want to share with you all next week! there is some CRAZY exciting things that happened over the last two months that i want to remember on this little blog.
drinking flavored water. currently loving on the pomegranate water.
reading make it happen by lara casey. trying to squeeze in as much personal development books as i possibly can. soon will come the potty training books and i am so not looking forward to reading those ones.
watching everything on netflix because charter cable FINALLY came to our subdivision and we can stream netflix on our tv without it taking 30 minutes only to get an error message. AT LAST!!!! we are back in 2015 and it feels so good!
listening to all the music channels on this cool cable tv. haha…it’s apparently the little things that i didn’t realize i was missing so much.
eating a lot of chicken lately. and chips with salsa. that last one i could do without though.
smelling coconut lime lotion that i just slathered all over me. i could bathe in this scent.
wishing the heat would die down a little. i’m ready for fall like three months ago.
enjoying my new desk space that isn’t in our bedroom anymore.
loving online window shopping since it’s the only thing i can afford these days.
needing to clean out my car but feeling no motivation to do it with a toddler in tow.
feeling very pregnant and very thirsty all the time.
wearing maternity shorts officially. i realized i was pushing the limits with my normal shorts when the button popped off the top of the last ones i was able to squeeze in to.

wanting to buy all the pretties to decorate the nursery and redo addison’s bedroom but alas, i will wait.


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