i actually completed a few books this month! and i’m dog gone proud of it too.

hey natalie jean by natalie holbrook // i had big dream for this book. i’ve read natalie’s blog for quite a while. like when it was called nat the fat rat long time ago. so when i heard she had a book coming out i was ecstatic. thrilled. i wanted to be the first to buy it. and read it. the book was good, don’t get me wrong. i read it within a couple days. i took bits and pieces of advice but most of it i heard already. not from others. but from natalie herself. it seemed like a compilation of her blog posts published into a book. i liked it. and i have a list of things i want to check out (namely hair products) but it’s not what i was expecting it to be.

make it happen by lara casey // now this book. i mean if you want a read that will give you a swift kick in the pants and make you get your butt to church to pray about how grateful you are to god and everything he offers, this is the one. lara gave us this book with hopes that we would improve ourselves but this book has done so much more than that for me. it’s made me so grateful for what i have and makes me want to never ever push stop on something because god has given me gifts that he only gave me. and you just need to read this book. especially if you like interactive pull out your notebook and take a bajillion notes and then MAKE IT HAPPEN kind of books.

belly laughs by jenny mccarthy // i have about 30, at least, pregnancy books from when i was pregnant with addison. i read all of them and none of them way back then. i read bits and pieces and sentences and chapters out of each one but i never read one cover-to-cover. so i figured why the heck not this time around. it was a sweet easy read that i felt myself nodding to and laughing at because yep…i’ve been there.


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