April Showers Bring May Goals

Now that we are a week into the month of May I might as well write a post about this month’s goals right?  Better late than never I guess.  Or so the saying goes.  Here’s a quick review of how April went down…

1)  No buying clothes, shoes, handbags, or accessories:  I can proudly say with my head held high that I didn’t buy a single one of these items for myself in April.  I didn’t think this would be possible for me but I completely blocked these four things out of my mind and it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Although now that I’m opening the emails from J Crew and Old Navy, I am totally ready to drop some dollas on pretty dresses and spring things!

2)  Start the 1800 Minute Challenge and stick with it:  I definitely started it in April and I am still working on completing it.  As of right now, I have _____ minutes logged.  Once this challenge is over at the end of May, I have to find a way to keep myself motivated to work out because this has been terrific!  If you look up the hashtag #1800minutechallenge on Instagram or Twitter you can see a ton of other people who have been participating in this month’s challenge.

3)  Spring clean the heck out of my house:  This happened but I ended up throwing more stuff out then I did take stuff to Goodwill.  I plan on going through again this month and that will maybe result in a trip or two to Goodwill hopefully.

4)  Be more conscious of complimenting and encouraging others:  I probably could have done better at this (but there always is room for improvement with a goal like this isn’t there?).  I did however try to point out the little things that I normally wouldn’t.  “I like your hair that way.”  “You smell really good.”  “Awesome job on (insert topic here).”  It’s one of those ongoing goals for me.

Now for my goals for May…

1)  Research and try different products to strengthen my hair.  I have always had thin hair that hasn’t held much body but since I’ve had Addison, I’ve noticed it’s become even more limp and fine.  Especially in the shower when I’m washing my hair and I’m able to rinse out 15-20 strands of hair on a regular basis plus then I comb and blowdry it and there goes another 20-30 strands…it’s not good.  At this rate I’ll be going bald by the time I’m thirty so I really need to research how to thicken hair and make it healthier (before I don’t have any hair left).

2)  Complete the 1800 Minute Challenge.  Because I’ve come this far so I might as well finish it right?

3)  Finish the projects I started while I was on maternity leave.  I have about four projects that I am at least two months behind on.  And yes this includes my Project Life scrapbook.  I need to get these up to date this month because I will seriously never get to updating them if I wait until the summer.

4)  No soda for the whole month (starting May 7).  Because I had one on Tuesday May 6 and then I decided to give it up…so we’re starting a little late on this goal, big deal.

Do you have any goals for this month?  What are they?  And have you ever given up soda for an entire month?  Because I’m thinking it’s going to be really hard to do and I hope someone can tell me it gets easier!



  1. May 9, 2014 / 10:41 am

    Love your goals! I've thought of challenging myself to compliment others more but just haven't actually done it yet!

    I have really fine hair, too, so I've been experimenting with it a lot to make it stronger. It takes a little while for your hair to adjust, but I've actually found that not washing it with shampoo every day has helped mine a lot! Shampoo was drying it out (as was the hair gel i was using) and probably causing more breakage. Sometimes I'll just use conditioner or dry shampoo instead. I've also used "deep conditioner" with argan oil and it really makes my hair feel healthy. I've been shampooing less for probably about 4 months and now my hair doesn't even get greasy between washes. Anyway, that's something that's helped me so I thought I'd share! 🙂

  2. May 9, 2014 / 5:04 pm

    I tried to give up soda thats a tough one good luck girl!!!
    I am doing a 20X31 challenge to exercise at least 20 minutes everyday in the month of May so far Im rocking it.
    My hair is really thick and full of body but it falls out like crazy so if you find anything about hair strengthening please share!

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