halfway through the month is a good time to share my goals this month right? i wanted to share this even though we’re at the 14th of the month already and many of these goals already have checkmarks. but first, march.

march monthly goals:

-finish addison’s baby book honestly i completely forgot about this goal until toward the end of the month. i need to bring that book out and make sure i see it everyday so i don’t forget again!

-finish amelia’s baby book nope, didn’t happen either.

-print december 2016 photo book the whole book is completed, just have to order it!

-create and print 2016 year photo book i don’t know why i keep missing this goal but i think i might be intimidated by sifting through pictures of the year because there are so many. this goal was accomplished but i’m hoping it will sometime this spring.

-read five books check check 🙂 i love that i’m making reading a priority again. it fills my cup!

-go on a date with andrew we checked out the new comedy club in town and it was such a fun time just me and my man! i wish we could do these more often.

-send birthday presents and cards to our family and friends everybody was celebrated and cards and present were sent!

-send more snail mail i think i only sent like three cards. maybe next time i set this goal for the month, it won’t be quite so lofty.

-fully enjoy our trip to puerto rico ha, oh yeah. i one hundred and ten percent came back fully recharged and relaxed. that trip was bliss.

and the monthly goal that i whited out in my march goals picture was to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. this went off with a bang! it was the best! amelia and i flew up there the thursday before her birthday to surprise her and then my dad, sister and i threw her an amazing surprise party with all her friends and family. i couldn’t have asked for this to go better!

march weekly goals:

-continue to workout three to four times a week all except one week (when i was on vacation) did i workout three or four times a week. it makes me feel so good and energized!

-blog three times a week this is just comical now. (insert eye roll here) if you read my blog, you already know i didn’t blog three times a week (did i even blog once a week?).

-meal plan and prep on sunday’s not every week but i’m learning and getting better and better at this.

-be still, listen to Him this will be a continual goal for me and will be part of growing more in my faith. i’ve been praying a lot more and trying to be still and let the Lord point me in the right direction. 

-plan blog content and take pictures it’s funny because even though i didn’t blog, i still planned all the topics and took pictures. haha, so eventually you’ll see those posts!

-craft with addison yes! this was so much fun to paint so much with her and create different things. her imagination is running wild these days and it’s really the greatest!

march daily goals:

-no social media after 9pm this was a 50/50. a lot of the nights i was on past 9pm, it was because i didn’t even realize what time it was and then i was all dangit! it was nice to put my phone down though at a certain time and just be done and let my mind rest.

-write in my motherhood one line a day journal yes, and when i missed a day, i would just go back and write in that day! i know i’m going to love looking back on this someday.

-floss yes!

-drink 40 ounces of water not everyday but getting there. it’s really just coming to, i have to do it so don’t wait until 9pm to chug three or four bottles of water erin.

-be up and moving by 6:30am not everyday but i’m getting so much better at waking up before the kiddos.

-in bed no later than 11pm this was actually pretty easy to do.

-read ten pages (or more) yes.

and here we continue on with april…

april monthly goals:
-catch up on previous months albums (addison’s baby book, amelia’s baby book, december picture book, 2016 picture book)
-read four books
-blog eight times this month (i’m quitting the weekly goal for this and trying a monthly goal)
-finish spring cleaning master list before company is here
-create a spring bucket list
-accept help after surgery

april weekly goals:
-no TV from 9-6pm except in the car for the girls
-send mail to friends and family (no set number, just do at least one)
-alone time date
-meal plan
-creative fun with the kids
-eat salads a few times a week

april daily goals:
-read 10 pages or listen 30 minutes on audible
-up by 6:15am
-go outside
-drink 60 ounces
-no social media after 8pm

some of these have been accomplished already, some of these have been adjusted, and one monthly goal has been completely crossed off (i don’t have to have surgery!!!!!!). i suppose that’s going to happen when you don’t post a goals blog post until mid april but hey, at least it’s here 🙂

happy april! have a wonderful easter weekend <3


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