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a few weeks ago, i wrote a little something about how we’re moving and i’m nervous and excited and scared and incredibly anxious to do this.  to start a new chapter, to jump on the bandwagon of the unknown.  we put our house up for sale a few weeks ago and now we have been waiting.  and waiting.  i feel like this is the worst part of the whole process.  and i know it’s only been a few weeks but when you’re waiting for an offer or something to happen, a few weeks can feel like a decade.

friends and family have asked us where we are in the process and have we found a house yet and they want to know know know.  i look at them and give a little eye roll about the whole thing and then laugh.  because you know, i want to know too.

we can’t put an offer on a house until we sell our house, we can’t sell our house until we actually have someone interested, and we can’t really start looking for a house until we have an exact location of where we can go because it’s possible the area could be changing again.

oh we will certainly still be moving to alabama but where in alabama is beyond us.  and that’s the frustrating thing.  it’s not like we can just drive around and get a feel for neighborhoods or anything.  so i’ve simply stopped looking.  until we know for sure at least, i have closed up the discussion and put “until further notice” on it.

it’s okay though.  we will get there.  it’s going to take time and if you know me you know i am the least patient person in the history of all people. so.  poor andrew.

now to keep me busy, i am going back into nesting mode.  yes it’s real post pregnancy.  it’s also known as my word for 2014.  i am going back to the basics and simplifying.  i am once again sorting through my closets and drawers and in the last two days i’ve accumulated a few more bins of things i’m going to donate to goodwill.

a few dresses here, some hats there, t-shirts that i didn’t even know i had anymore, purses that i haven’t used in ages but i had to keep them because you know, that one occasion this purse will be perfect for.  it’s all going.

to me, less is more.  and the more we can get outta here, the less we have to deal with in the end.


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