there was a lot of things to think about when i first got pregnant with addison. the one big one that always stuck out for me was the diaper bag. i didn’t want one that screamed mama but i still wanted a bag that was big enough and practical to carry all the stuff that a child needs. in the end, i registered for a bag that i liked but didn’t love. that bag served me well for the first year but it was never something i was crazy proud of carrying around. it was the typical diaper bag. plus as a new mom, i was carrying around WAY more than i needed to. i felt like half her nursery was in that 20 pound bag,

finally one day, after running around with this crazy heavy thing on my shoulder, plus toting around a 20 pound toddler, i put addison down for a nap and dumped everything out. i needed to get down to the essentials. the nice thing too is that toddler’s don’t need nearly as much stuff as newborns do.

so away went the dreaded diaper bag and i decided i was going to get something bright, summery, happy. something i was proud to walk around carrying. and i tell you, now that i have been using this bag for a bit, i feel like i have a much better attitude just knowing that i’m toting around something i can smile about.

here are the essentials that you can find in my “diaper bag” these days.

the mom bag: i wanted something stylish but didn’t break the budget. initially, i wanted to start saving up money to splurge on the lily-jade bag because i find it completely dreamy. though i’m still saving my pennies for that beauty, i scouted out a few bags at my favorite trusty store, target, and scored a killer deal on this gorgeous bag. i love this one and this one too but that yellow one, it just yelled summer to me and that’s exactly what i needed.

diaper duty: obviously addison isn’t potty trained yet so diapers and wipes are a must. we have a jeep changing pad too that we swear by (best gift ever) and it’s easy to fold and unfold and have all the wipes and dipes stashed right in there plus never having to worry about dirty bathroom changing tables. i also keep diaper rash cream and these dirty diaper baggies in there because we always seem to need both.

feeding your babes: little a could eat for days. and things are further away for us than your typical ten minute drive so i like to keep snacks in a snack cup whenever we go somewhere. animal crackers and cheerios are a big favorite. also she uses the munchkin sippy cups because they have the straw and she loves drinking out of them.

all the extras: considering we are in the thick of summer, sometimes we have spur of the moment park days after we run errands. i always like to keep a sunhat and sunscreen in my bag just in case those happen, plus a extra set of clothes. she is typically wearing shoes before we leave the house but when things get hectic and we are running late, you can find her freshly picked moccasins floating around my bag.

mama’s stuff: i keep a small zipper pouch inside the bag with all my stuff so it doesn’t get lost in the mix. wallet, keys, cell phone, sunnies, chapstick, and a tide-to-go pen for those moments where i am bound to spill coffee on my white shorts.

to all the mom’s reading this, what are your must-haves in your bag? where have you found cute diaper bag options?



  1. June 24, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    I want to splurge on that lily-jade bag. SO cute!! I registered for a diaper bag at Pottery Barn, but I'm not sure how much I love it. I'm still on the hunt to find something cute and practical to carry around when Charlie Beth makes her arrival.

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