An Ode to the Mamas

^^Addison was the most smiley during the outtakes.  Of course.

Mother’s Day. What a very very different day for me this year than in years past. If you would have told me last year that I would be celebrating this day for myself I would have laughed in your face. But oh my what a year does to the soul.

Here’s the thing about Mother’s Day. You can be one of those that want to have breakfast in bed and be waited on because it’s your day. Or you can be the mama who jumps out of bed and grabs her little bug and snuggles the heck out of her until your husband has to pry her out of your fingers and then demands you stay in the room until “things are ready”. I was the second one.  And that husband of mine?  Yeah…he did good.

I am so fulfilled by motherhood. Every day with Addison is a dream come true. We have the most fun. Being a mom has been my most favorite thing. Not because that’s how I was told to feel. Not because being a mom is better than being an attorney or an artist or a really great crossword puzzle solver or whatever. And not because I’m biologically wired that way. In fact if you haven’t heard, I was terrified to become a mom. But it’s the best time of my life so far and that little squirt of mine is only three months old. I have my whole life to have the best time ever. How lucky am I?!?!

I don’t even think I like Mother’s Day very much now that I am one. I love to celebrate my mother and grandmother and mother-in-law on this day but I don’t expect or even want anything different that I wouldn’t normally get to do for myself. Being a mama is a job that never stops. You dont get a break just because it’s Mother’s Day. All I want is to be with my little baby bear and snuggle her to pieces and play with her until I get that gummy smile for hours. But that’s all I want any day, not just Mother’s Day.

There is more to being a mother than a Mother’s Day. 

Now that you’ve all rolled your eyes at me, here’s how we celebrated a baby coming out of a mama day.

The day started with church and then brunch at my in laws house with the family.

We then headed out in our warm weather clothes to watch this ^^ guy graduate with his Masters degree!  What a beautiful day for it.  And I couldn’t be happier for him.  And me.  Addison is lucky she missed that year and a half of daddy disappearing for classes or to study until the wee hours.

^^ And then we lost the pants.  No diaper issues, it was just so stinking hot outside but we’re not complaining.  We just have a no pants party.

^^Dinner at my parents house with my in-laws and it was perfect.  Especially since Addison didn’t cry when her grandpa held her.  First time ever.  Thanks goodness.

^^Except that my mom and I never got a picture together so here’s a picture of all of us on Easter.  It’s a good one so we’re none the wiser right?

^^Great grandma loves snuggling this nugget.

^^And our final attempt at a mommy, daughter and puppy son picture.  (See outtakes above).


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