An App for Speed Reading

Have you heard of Spritz?  It’s an app that help people read faster.  According to Spritz, only 20% of your time is spent processing the content when reading; the other 80% is spent physically moving your eyes from word to word.  To prevent this, Spritz flashes on word on the screen at a time so you don’t have to move your eyes from that spot.

Check it out here to see what 200 words per minute looks like all the way up to 900!

It’s pretty intense right?  The app is still under development but I think it would be great for work or the news.  I personally love reading and feel like it would take away from books I read for fun but I would definitely use this app for things I have to read like emails or work things.  It would make things go so much quicker!

What do you think about this app?  Would you use it for pleasure reading?


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